A Grey Cat Looking Up

Vaccinations and Microchipping

Vaccines protect cats and dogs from a wide range of viral and bacterial infections. Your veterinarian will design a vaccination program for your pet to protect them from diseases common in your area.



To fully protect kittens and puppies against infections, they frequently require an initial immunization followed by booster shots.

Following a proper immunization schedule will ensure that you are contributing to your new friend’s health. We also recommend that all dogs and cats receive monthly parasite prevention and have their parasite levels checked twice a year.

A Dog Getting Vaccination
A Cat Getting Microchipped


Microchipping is far less complicated than many people believe. In fact, the procedure only takes a few seconds. A needle is used to inject a chip the size of a grain of rice under your pet’s skin between the shoulder blades. Your pet will feel little to no pain, and the procedure will be over as quickly as it began.

The chip in your pet has a unique identification number that you can use to create an account and register the chip. When you register, you provide the name of your pet as well as your name and contact information. This data is not directly stored on the chip. Instead, it is saved in your account, which is accessed when a veterinarian, animal shelter, or animal rescuer scans the chip. This information must be kept up to date at all times so that someone can contact you if your pet is found.